Privacy Policy

Data protection is always a Priority of Siddhivinayak Handloom all the shared information will be saved with us we are not feeling any data to any third party

 while entering your data on the registration form please do not worry about any data loss because your data is secured with us and we are not going to lose any of your data in any other way

We will only keep your data till the time you are available on the website or registered on the website once you deleted your member folder from website all the data will be deleted from our site and you are no longer member of Siddhivinayak Handloom so any of your data is not saved with Siddhivinayak handloom

Our website is also secured with SSL you can take a look on the URL so you can get the clear picture of your security

 any data which is interview you register mobile number email id or  card detail.  is encrypted and no one can see your data because it return encrypted and no one can read the encrypted data