Legal Disclaimer

All the dispute Siddhivinayak Handloom will be handled by Bhagalpur cort Bihar.   outside from Bihar there will be no dispute will be handled by Siddhivinayak Handloom if this disputed person is belongs from outside the Bihar they need to visit and do the formality in Bhagalpur Bihar only.

 Siddhivinayak Handloom will not visit any other place or any other City or state to clarify the disputed.

 If you have any dispute you can contact us from our contact us page we will take a look on that and will try to provide the best possible solution.

 if we are unable to provide you the solution  and you want a legal action all the legal action only taken care by the Bhagalpur code Bihar. 

 However our motto  is to provide the best possible service to client if you are facing any issue please do contact us back we do not want to proceed any legal or other with disputed.

 To avoid  any dispute we are always there to support you please contact us from all contact number or by email id will take a look on that and provide you the best possible solution